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Unfiltered | October 12, 2015

(I’m at a yard sale with my family during the school holidays, though I’m looking at a box of toys and posters while my family looks at other things. A girl who looks roughly the same age as me comes over and looks through the box with me. We talk about some of the posters before she says this.)

Girl: Hey, are you free at all this week?

Me: I don’t think anything’s planned, I’d have to ask my parents. They like to spring stuff on us at a moments notice sometimes.

Girl: Well if you’re free on Sunday, would you wanna…watch a movie or something?

Me: Ouch…sorry, but I’m gay.

(The girl pauses for a second, then a wave of realisation washes over her.)

Girl: Oh s***! No offense, but I thought you were a girl! *laughs nervously*

(I laugh it off, we exchange contacts and part ways. That, ladies and gentlemen, is how I met my best friend of two years.)

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