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The Netherlands | Unfiltered | June 18, 2017

I fill in for the receptionist, who has fallen ill. I usually work on a different floor, so I don’t know everything. I’m also terrible with names and faces, which I have no trouble admitting. There work about 500+ people in this company.

Visitor: Hi, I have a meeting at 1 o’clock. *it’s now 12:50 in the afternoon*

Me: All right, who do you have the meeting with?

Visitor: I don’t know.

Me: …Okay, but I don’t know either. You really don’t have a name?

Visitor: *with a big smile* No! We talked on the phone and I couldn’t hear his name.

Me: Well, if you don’t know the name I can’t really call for you. Don’t you have an e-mail from him or so?

Visitor *now giggling* No. But he works at [floor with about 200 employees!]. I have an internship-interview.

Me: …All right. That narrows it down to 200 people and you said it was a ‘he’… I can try the secretaries, in case they know anything? *I call them, but no one answers.* I’m really sorry, I can’t reach anyone, and I can’t really send an e-mail to everyone in this company asking if one of them has a meeting with you. That won’t really make a good impression for you.

Visitor: Oh, but I can wait and see if he picks me up.

Me: People usually pick someone up when they know they are here. That’s why we call them.

Visitor: Oh, then I will call him around 1 or so.

*I look at my clock, it’s 4 minutes to 1 now*

Me: Well… since it is practially 1 o’clock, you could try calling him now?

Visitor: Oh, all right!

*She calls and connects easily. She hangs up*

Me: Well, who was it?

Visitor: …. I don’t know, I couldn’t hear his name. But he’ll come pick me up and then you can see it for yourself!

Me: Ah, but I don’t know all 500 employees by face, unfortunately…

Visitor: What, you don’t work here 5 days a week?!

Me: No, I filled in and I usually work on a different floor. But even if I did work here 5 days a week, I still couldn’t remember everyone. It about 500 employees, and soon 500 + 1.

Visitor: Oh, we’ll have to wait and see if I get the internship!

My collegue came picking her up and as expected, I didn’t know the name. However, I picked up the first name and looked through our online list and saw a picture that resembled. Now I remember, I do know that man! I carefully inquired with the man how the talk went and since it’s an obligated internship, we’ll probably see more of her soon…. I just wished I rememberd her face…

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