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USA | Unfiltered | June 19, 2017

(It’s a few weeks before the US presidential election of 2016 but I voted early by mail in since I’m a college student and I can’t just go home on Election Day to do it. This conversation happens when I’m talking with 3 of my friends the day after I voted.)

Friend 1: So (my name) what did you do this weekend?

Me: well I went home and I voted.

Friend 2: Nice. So who did you vote for?

Me: The only logical candidate there was this year-Bernie Sanders.

(My three friends all look at each other and then burst out laughing)

Friend 1: Watch, Bernie’ll be sitting at home on Election Night watching the results and then his wife’ll come in and be like “Hey Bernie, you got a vote.”

Friend 2: And then Bernie’ll be like “what but who would vote for me?” and his wife’ll say “It’s this guy (My name)”

Friend 3: And then she’ll be like “But I don’t think it’s real. I looked him up on Facebook. Have you ever heard of (small, very unknown college we attend)”

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  • Wendigone

    Backstory says OP mailed in a vote because they can’t just go home. Dialogue says they went home over the weekend to vote. Chances this is just a poor attempt to push politics onto the site: very high.

    • MouseyBrown

      Assuming that the story is true, the OP probably went home over the weekend to pick up an absentee ballot from the courthouse Friday before they closed.

  • Amy Susan Fisher

    I’m pretty sure Bernie Sanders got more than just one vote last November.

  • Leiko Burningbear

    OP, your friends are idiots.

    I voted Bernie in the primary. Was very disappointed (though not truly surprised) when he didn’t get the nomination.
    (Why the Democrats decided to run the only person in the country with no chance of beating Trump, I will never understand. Only explanation is backroom deals with Obama; “you run this time and I’ll drop out of the race, then I’ll run next time and you support me” sorta thing. And then Hilary’s entire campaign was basically her insulting anyone who disagreed with her. That ain’t the way to get votes. That entire election was a clusterduck. I’ve got my paws crossed the next election is less of a circus.)

  • Pretty sure Bernie literally asked his supporters to not vote for him in the presidential election, after Hillary got the nomination, since there’d be no way he’d get enough votes. He asked them to support Hillary (mainly in the name of avoiding Trump, I think) so…good job there, OP. If you didn’t want to vote for the main candidates, at least vote 3rd party! I wasn’t a fan of any of the 3rd party candidates, but we desperately need to get other voices involved, methinks, given the current state of the main parties.

  • kaeorin

    Buddy, if you wrote in Bernie’s name on the actual election ballot, you were part of the problem. Thanks a lot.

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