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Unfiltered | June 6, 2017

I work at the biggest theme park in Canada. This happened summer 2016.

At my store we aren’t allowed to take $50+ USD and can only take plastic $100 Canadian dollars. We are told to always check if USD are fake but the only way we were taught is through a picture posted in the back room of a USD 100 (which we can’t eve take. Great thinking management).

It’s my firs week on the job and an American customer hands me a $20 America bill.

Me: Oh…um…

I look the bill over to show that I’m checking when I have no idea what I’m doing.

Customer #2: You hold it up to the light.

Me: Oh…thank you.

A Team lead sees what I’m doing and comes over

Team Lead: [My Name] what are you doing?

Me: we were told in training to always check for fakes

Team Lead: I am so sorry about this. [My name] go stock shelves, ill handle this.

Me: We were told to never let someone else use our till.

Team lead: Do you think I’m going to steal from you?

I leave, because I didn’t want to start off my first week accusing my Team Lead of theft. After the transaction is done my Team Lead pulls me aside.

Team Lead: What were you doing?

Me: It was a USD. We were told to always check.

Team Lead: You’re making them feel like theives.

Me: Some of them could be, that’s why we’re told to check.

Team Lead: I don’t care. That’s completely inappropriate. Just take the money.

Me: But I’ll get in trouble if it’s a fake. [Coworker] took a paper $100 and she got a warning form.

Team Lead: I.Dont.Care.

This Team lead mysteriously disappeared in August, even though her name was still on the schedule.