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Unfiltered | April 22, 2017

I work in an office billing vendors for services. After so much time, if they haven’t paid, I send them an email reminding them to pay. The majority of the time, their responses are that they didn’t receive a copy of the invoice so I will resend the invoice myself (original invoice is system generated and sent). I give them a week or so before I contact them about payment again. One vendor responded that they hadn’t received the invoice when they requested it previously. I knew I had sent it, so I scrolled down through the email chain so I could get more detail and literally facepalmed. They had replied to the email that I had sent them with the invoice copy attached. The very sad thing is this isn’t the first time this vendor has done this and this isn’t the only vendor that has done this. They are just trying to get more time to pay and being sneaky about it.

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