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Unfiltered | April 21, 2017

A customer came into my area so I approached her:

Me:  Can I help you find anything?

Customer:  Yeah, a bathroom.

Me: Sorry, we don’t have a public bathroom (a notice to this effect is posted on both entrance doors).

Customer:  What if I buy something?

Me:  Sorry, we still don’t have a public bathroom.

Customer: (angrily) Well then, I’m not going to buy anything then! (storms out of my area)

I wait about a minute then go up to the front of the store and ask a co-worker if they’d encountered the customer.  Sure enough, the customer had done the same thing to my co-worker.  About 15 seconds later the customer re-appeared right in front of the store entrance:

Customer (yelling loud enough for everyone in the store to hear):  This place has bathrooms for the employees but they won’t let a handicapped woman use them!  I’m never coming here again!  (Then she storms out the door.  My co-worker says very politely, “Thank you, have a nice day” as she does so.)