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Unfiltered | March 9, 2017

(I’ve always looked considerably younger than my age and it usually surprises people to know I’m married. As I go to the counter to pay for my gas the cashier looks at me with great concern.)

Cashier: “Honey! How old are you?!”

Me: *a little thrown off* “Um.. Why?”

Cashier: “You’re not married are you?”

Me: *looks at very obvious ring* “Yeah, actually I am.”

Cashier: *looks at me in horror* “Honey you can’t be more than 15!”

Me: *trying to laugh it off and just pay for my gas* “Oh yeah I hear that all the time!

Cashier: “But.. How old ARE you?”

Me: “…I’m 24.”

(After that she let me pay and leave, looking a little embarrassed!)