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Unfiltered | January 24, 2017

Certain company purchases have to be made by the accounts manager, he is typically very slow and dificult to deal with. So i normally have all information he could possibly need well before asking for it.

I notice that the payment hasn’t been paid so i chase him.

Me: I noticed we havn’t paid (order) i do really need it cleared.

Manager:I need the pack, if i don’t have the pack, i can’t process it.

Me: The pack is mostly advertising materials, is there a form you need.

Manager: An invoice, i need an invoice, i can have a paid invoice afterwards i need to know.

Me: erm ok.

(I step outside and ring number i sent him on my email, less than a minuite later i stick my head back through the door.)

Me: They said that they will give you a paid invoice after payment.

Manager: (Throwing his hand in the air) that all i needed!

Assistant manager: That’s (company) right? We deal with them all the time, they always send us an invoice.

Manager: I just needed to know, i just needed to know.

Assistant manager: (quietly) dont worry, ill do it. At least you will know it has been done.

(Three weeks of delays, because he could’t ring a number i provided right from the start!)

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