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Unfiltered | January 25, 2017

My wallet was stolen the Wednesday before an 18+ festival (on Saturday). I didn’t have time to get another piece of photo ID made before the festival (which was all non-refundable, of course) so I thought I’d try my luck with a birth certificate and an old passport.

I spoke to one of the policemen on site, for advice. He asked me some questions about myself to verify my identity (name, where I was born, mothers maiden name etc). He then asked me if I had ever had an altercation with the police before. I figured honesty is the best policy – I answered truthfully that I had gotten into a ‘heated discussion’ with two policemen in high school, because they gave me a misdemeanor for trashing a shop that I was obviously not physically able to trash (it looked like it had been hit by a car three times in a row).

He smiled and thanked me for my honesty, then escorted me to the ticket check and told the staff that I was right to enter the festival without my ID. He vouched for me, even though he didn’t have to. I thanked him, and asked him for his name. He told me that cops aren’t there to ruin peoples days, they’re there to keep us safe. He said that I was well mannered and honest, and that he wanted me to have a lovely weekend.

There’s a lot of stories of cops being violent or power hungry. But there are also cops who take up the badge to help people. I had an amazing time, all thanks to him taking the time to talk to me when he really didn’t have to. I wish only the most happiness to him!

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