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Unfiltered | December 7, 2015

(I am returning from a high school football game. My dad and brother are in one car while my mom and I are in another. Mom and I stop at [Burger Chain] to order food for everyone on the way. [Burger Chain] has a regular menu and a “value menu,” with a small version of their burgers available for cheaper.)

Mom: “Hi, I’d like a [Regular Burger], two [Regular Bacon Burgers], and two large fries.”

Employee: “One moment… Okay, so that’s one [Regular Burger], two [Small Bacon Burgers], and two large fries?”

Mom: “Two [Regular Bacon Burgers].”

Employee: “Yes, two [Small Bacon Burgers].”

Mom: “No, the full sized one. [Regular Bacon Burger].”

Employee: “We don’t have anything called [Regular Bacon Burger]. Do you want a [Different Bacon Burger]?”

Mom: “No, that’s- Here, just give me two [Regular Burgers] with added bacon.”

Employee: “Um, one moment.” *to someone else* “Can we do that?”

Other Employee: “Yes, here.” *presumably enters something*

Employee: “Thank you. Okay, so that’s one [Regular Burger], two [Small Burgers] with bacon, and two large fries. Is that all?”

Mom: “Those were [Regular Burgers] with bacon, not [Small Burgers].”

Employee: “Oh, right. Your total is [total].”

(Surprise, surprise, we got two [Small Bacon Burgers]. Not only that, but the fries were cold, despite the fact that they had been getting a lot of traffic and should have had new fries by then. We haven’t been back to that location.)