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(I’m a 21 year old girl. It’s Thanksgiving Day and I’ve gone to the store with my 8 year old nephew to pick up a pie, some cookies, and a specific loaf of bread for my mom. At this point I am having a hard time finding the bread, so I call my sister to make sure I am looking for the right thing. There is an elderly customer with a thick african accent wandering in the bakery section who approaches me as I get off the phone.)

Customer: “Excuse me, Miss? Are you off the phone?”

Me: “Yes?”

Customer: “Good. I did not want to interrupt you. I just wanted to say thank you, for being so beautiful! I always believe you should appreciate beauty whenever you can!”

Me: (I’m slightly creeped out but I figure he’s just being a nice older man in the holiday spirit, and I don’t want to make my nephew feel uncomfortable) “Oh, well thank you! That’s so nice of you!”

Customer: (looks at my nephew) “And who is this?”

Me: “This is my nephew. Can you say hi?”

My nephew: “Hi.”

Customer: “Well, hello! (Looks back at me) What a beautiful family!”

Me: “Uh, thank you.”

Customer: “Well have a wonderful thanksgiving, and God bless you!”

Me: “Thank you, you too..”

(We walk away and continue to look for the bread. My nephew gives me a disturbed look.)

Me: “That was very nice of him, wasn’t it!”

My nephew: “Uh huh..”

(I can’t find the bread, and am anxious to get out of there as the man is still wandering around. We head to the registers while I text my sister that they are out of it. A moment after putting our stuff down on the register, she replies telling me to just get a loaf of french bread. We pick up our stuff and head back to the bakery section to see the man still wandering. I quickly grab a loaf and begin to head back to the registers, but not before I accidentally make eye contact with him and see him waving me over. I approach him nervously)

Customer: “I promised myself if I ever saw you again, I would sing to you!”

(The customer proceeds to sing an African song to me. Although the song itself is beautiful, the whole situation is strange, and I feel uncomfortable having this man sing to me in front of my nephew. I fight to keep a straight and interested face. He finishes and looks at me for a response.)

Me: “Oh, that was very nice. Thank you.”

Customer: “I am from South Africa, and there is book out there about appreciating the small things called ‘(book)’ by a man named (name), that’s me.”

Me: “Oh, yeah?”

Customer: “Have a wonderful day!”

Me: “You, too..”

(We hurried out after that.)

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