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Brisbane, Australia | Unfiltered | November 30, 2015

My housemate and I decide to go and get takeaway from the local shopping centre (mall)’s food court. We have a issue of the services in this centre NOT giving us our meals properly – and I always check before I leave – even asking them as well that they’ve made sure the burgers have necessary adjustments. This particular time I had watched the young girl (a training staff member) put our burgers in the bag – asked her if the burger had no sauce; she said yes – so we left without checking. We live right across the road from the place.

I race inside to pee: “Put it on my desk” I yell to my housemate.

He begins to unpack. “Uh… (my name). Come here. Now!”

I walk in and he’s staring at me dumbfounded “There’s no fries!”

…Yep… So I call the manager.

“Hi, we were just in and we got (order). Um, we’ve just brought it home and there are no fries”.

The manager sighs LOUDLY “Are you freaking serious?” she asks.

“Yep” I say.

“Do you want a coupon?” she asks annoyed.

“I’d like to come and get them if that’s possible”. I say.

She apologies profusely and we run back over to get them. As we walk towards her, I can see her berating the young girl. She spots us and bolts into the back of the store. The young girl apologized profusely.

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