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Federal Way, WA, USA | Unfiltered | November 24, 2015

(Note: My sister has a habit of locking the car doors when people are trying to get in, when they’re trying to get out, or just need the door unlocked for some reason.)

Me: *parks car and gets out to get a bag in the backseat, leaving driver’s door open*

My sister: *locks the door, with her still in the car and a goofy smile, the driver’s door still open*

Me: *stares blankly at her*

My sister: *looks down in embarrassment, unlocking the car*

Me: Did you just…almost lock YOURSELF in?

My sister: I am ashamed.

(For the rest of the day, she was getting hit with static electricity when she touched the car. We joked about the car punishing her for her locking herself in.)

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