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Unfiltered | November 25, 2015

I’m cleaning out stuff I don’t need in preparation for college, and I’ve brought some of it to campus to see if anyone wants it. I’ve managed to give some other things to other people. It’s now late in the day and most of the campus is empty. I still have a few things to give away, and I don’t want to take any of it home, but I’m not sure if I’ll find anyone when I spot a couple of teachers sitting on a bench. I’m holding a cheap spaghetti strainer when I approach them.

Me: Hey. I’m trying to get rid of some stuff I don’t use. Do either of you have any use for this?

Teacher #1 *looks interested*: That’s a spaghetti strainer. That’s really useful for cooking spaghetti.

Me: Do you like to cook spaghetti? You can have this. *I hold it out to him.*

Teacher #1: You should hold onto that. It could be really useful.

Me: No, thanks. I don’t cook spaghetti.

Teacher #2: Why do you have a strainer, then?

Me: My grandmother gave me some kitchen supplies she didn’t need, including this. I don’t want to just throw it away and I’d rather someone take it if they can get some use out of it, so… *Again, I try to hold it out to them.*

Teacher #1: You should hold on to that. You could really use that.

Me: I don’t ever cook spaghetti. I don’t see me making spaghetti anytime soon. I don’t really feel like carting around something bulky like this to college on the off chance I’ll make spaghetti years from now. *Feeling frustrated now* Look, I don’t have any space for this in the boxes I’m taking with me to college. If you don’t want it, I’m going to throw it out.

Teacher #1: You shouldn’t throw it out. You might change your mind. You should hold onto it.

Me: I don’t want it. I don’t need it. I will throw it out.

Teacher #1: But you could use it–

*Irritated, I turn to a nearby trash can, toss the spaghetti strainer inside, and walk away without another word.*

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