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Unfiltered | November 23, 2015

[It’s my last transaction for the evening; things have been crazy and my last guest left her bag, necessitating that I run after her. I return and apologize to my last guests, an elderly couple that is easy going about the matter. I am almost finished ringing them up.]: Guest #1:Oh! I have this coupon for $10 off a purchase of $50 or more.

[She hands me a little card with a coupon code on it; I enter it and the machine won’t accept it.]

Me: Hmm. It’s not taking the code

[I re-enter it and am confronted with the same message. I summon a manager over to help.]

Me: Maybe it’s an online-only coupon?

Guest #2: That could be.

[At this point the manager arrives]

Manager: Hey [me], What’s up

[I explain the situation.]

Manager: Where’d you get this coupon?

Guest #1: The magazine.

[She pulls out a magazine she purchased and opens to the page with the insert she pulled out. The insert reveals that the coupon is for an online store I’ve never heard of.]

Manager: OK, this is for [website], and doesn’t work here.

Guest #1: Oh OK.