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Unfiltered | October 15, 2017

(So our high school is a bit different. We do do our classes with other campuses across the US using Virtual Conference (VC) systems. In my Business Studies class, I am the only girl with 2 other boys and there are only 3 other kids on the far-end. Our teacher is also on the far-end and gets really suspicious with us even when we haven’t done anything. The VC will often have bad connection and sign off without us touching the remote or even being near it!)

*VC signs off*

me: what the heck? we did NOT do that! and watch! I bet she will blame [student] for signing off!

*we attempt to call back in but it cant connect. finally it connects*

[teacher]: [student], did you do that?
me: see i told you! the remote isn’t even near him and you blame it on him!

*this happened a few times and later in the year she came to visit us and the same thing happened to her! The student she blamed for signing off is known for being a bit ridiculous so I can see why she gets suspicious*

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