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I have recently gotten remarried and have had a name change along with it. Because of the cost of divorce, and since my ex and I are on really good terms, I’d only gotten divorced and couple months prior. This means in the span of 3 or 4 months, my name has changed twice; married name 1 to maiden name, then to married name 2. Now that I’ve finally gotten my state ID, I’m trying to get my named changed at the bank.

Me: What do I need to get my name changed? Is my new and old ID enough or do I need a copy of my marriage certificate?

Teller: I think we need your certificate.

Me: Ok, I’ll bring it next time. I’m just cashing this check then (note that this check has my maiden name on it, however my debit card still has married name 1 on it because I hadn’t received the new one yet)

Teller: (looking at my check and debit card) These names don’t match.

Me: I know, I haven’t gotten my new card yet but I should be in the system under (maiden name).

Teller: It’s not

Me: It’s not? I thought I changed it months ago. I have my old ID and the yellow papers of that helps.

Teller: I can’t cash it if the name doesn’t match

Me: I cash at this branch all the time, how is it just a problem this time? I have all my papers and I’ve been a customer here since before my first marriage, you probably still have my old name in your files.

Teller: I can’t cash it of the name doesn’t match.

Me: *getting flustered and upset now* Then can I cash it like I don’t bank here?

Teller: I can’t cash it if the name doesn’t match!

Me: It does match my ID!

Teller: You can talk to my manager

Me: Fine

(I then proceed to wait nearly 10 minutes for the manager to appear. As she approaches me in the seating area, she starts talking to me loudly from about 30 feet away without even hearing what I have to say)

Manager: We can’t cash your check if the name doesn’t match!

Me: *getting angry* Whatever, I’m going to a different branch! You’re all idiots here!

Not only did I not have a problem cashing my check at a different branch, when I went later in the week with all of my papers (the divorce papers as well as my new marriage papers) to my prefered branch, I was told that my name in the system WAS currently under my maiden name and there shouldn’t have been any problem cashing my check at the first place. The banker said she’d put copies of the forms in my file just in case anyways.