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I have been in fire drills, flood drills, mountain lion drills, and gun drills (and the last 2 were real). All of them either lead us to a safe area or locked us in the classroom as was appropriate. One kid fainted from the heat in a middle school fire drill, but that was as exciting as it got.

Until I moved to Texas. A drill was announced in the morning. “Expect it at any time!” They said. A bunch of kids groaned, but I assumed it was because drills are annoying. How wrong I was.

The drill started during lunch. The alarm bells pierced my eardrums and the lights flashed the brightest I’ve ever seen, as fast as I’ve ever seen. I went blind for a minute, just curled on the floor.

The cafeteria workers ignored the bells. I barely heard the only teacher chaperone as he told everyone to get out. We did so, but no one was following anyone. Half the kids went to the parking lot and drove off. The others, most of whom couldn’t drive, gathered on the grass and started having a picnic!

You could still hear those piercing bells. They didn’t stop for 30 minutes. I couldn’t hear properly for the rest of the day.

When the drill was finally over, the teachers came around the picnics, yelling at everyone to get back inside. That took another 30 minutes, and as soon as we were inside, the alarm went on, and off, and on, and off, until they finally stopped it. Funnily enough, the school tardy bell sounded deeper for a few days after that (and it wasn’t just my bad hearing).

Class after the drill was not focused at all. My teachers gave up and just let the class “study” for the rest of the period.

Again, I’ve been through a real mountain lion and gun drill, I’ve stood in black pants in the heat long enough for a kid to faint, but this one was the worst.