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(These stories are all about the same teacher, I don’t care how/if they get split up)

As a senior, I took AP Gov and our teacher was renowned for being lax with his students and for not having the best filter. This was even more true with a bunch of kids that understood/retaliated sarcasm. He had a class points system where you would get points based on the percentage of kids in that class that wore purple (our school color) on that Friday (extra points could be received during spirit week). At the end of the semester, whichever class had the most points won some sort of food party. Story #1 takes place on a Thursday

Classmate who often forgot purple: (My name), you should be so proud of me. I have my purple shirt laid out for tomorrow. I washed it and everything!

Teacher (as we are the last two students leaving the room): It better be clean you dirty bastard!

Story #2

This teacher also raffled off donuts to individual students who wore purple on Friday. On this particular day, Justin won a donut and selected a maple glazed cinnamon role

Teacher: Justin, putting that big brown one straight in your mouth!

Justin: You know it!

Me: … Context is everything

Story #3

We were talking about Richard Nixon and got slightly off-topic. Our teacher informed us that on some campaign propaganda, Nixon would use the nickname “Dick”

Teacher: First of all, how the hell do you get “Dick” from “Richard”?

Shy girl, quietly: By asking nicely