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Unfiltered | August 16, 2017

I used to live in an incredibly rural town. My school was a P-12 school with only 80 students, and 4 students in the same grade as me. In my year 12 chemistry class I was the only student and it was a very informal class. I was taught by my favourite teacher who would often blurt out random things that were almost always hilarious. One day I was in class working on a practice exam when my teacher looked outside and noticed it was raining.

Teacher: I thought you said it was going to be sunny today.

Me: I never said that.

Teacher: You did. I remember you saying it.

Me: When was this?

Teacher: Last night, on the radio.

Me: I’m not the radio.

Teacher: I don’t believe that.

I had no idea how to respond to that, so I just went back to my work and tried not to laugh as he continued to look out the window and complain about how I was wrong. A few years after I graduated I saw him again in a nightclub. Those were the days.