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(One 12-year old I have lessons with is completely wonderful. I encourage her to talk about her interests, her school and stuff like that in English, but we often end up chatting after class. This happens a couple weeks before I am to leave for home. I had only introduced myself by name to her once, in our first lesson, about eight months ago. Also note that in Japanese, you usually say a person’s name or title instead of “you.” On the whiteboard, I write “1. I live in Kyoto.” “2. I am living in Kyoto”. As my student’s English is not yet sufficient to discuss grammar, I usually switch to Japanese for those explanations.)

Me: “So, one of those is something you can say, and one is something I can say. Can you tell me which is which?”

Student: “The first one is me, because I live here all the time. The second one is…” *she pauses* “The second one is [My Name]! Because you are leaving soon, so are only living here temporarily.”

Me: *absolutely delighted* “You remembered! Wow, you actually remembered my name even though I’ve only ever said it once!”

(This student also brought me doughnuts on our last class!)

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