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Unfiltered | May 16, 2017

(This is in spanish class. The teacher (lets call her Double S, a nickname she uses as her last name is quite long) has taken down the wall clock as it had stopped working. 5 minutes later…)

Double S: God, my hands are burning! *she uses some hand sanitizer and rubs it into her hands* I probably shouldn’t have touched the stuff inside the battery.

Me: WHAT?! *about 4 other students and I run to her desk, concerned that she just rubbed BATTERY ACID into her hands*

Double S: One of the batteries in the clock broke open a little.

*all 5 of us start telling her to wash her hands with cold water and are calling her an idiot for rubbing the stuff in, with her asking how bad it is and all of us giving varying answers.*

Double S: Okay. *she immediatly uses the computer, looking up what to do. We’re pretty concerned.*

Double S: Oh, okay, baking soda! *she opens a drawer of her desk and pulls out a box of baking soda. She then pours it over her hands and rubs it in. The other kids have gotten back to work, but I’m still concerned as I know enough about batteries to know that rubbing the stuff in is not a good idea.*

Me: Uhhh…. You threw out the batteries, right?

Double S: *looks down at her desk.* OH NO I DIDN’T *she tries to pick them up with her wrists, and finnally grabs paper towel and throws the batteries in the trash.*

(I go back to working on the project we’re doing. I know you aren’t supposed to throw batteries out like that, but it’s sure better than my teacher accidentally hurting herself again handling them.)