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Unfiltered | May 15, 2017

(I work at a very well know chicken restaurant that only serves 6 menu items. We have 5 meals that are named things like box combo and 3 finger combo, but aren’t numbered.)

This is a daily interaction when I am working on the window.

Me: Chicken Chicken, what combo are you picking?

Customer: …What?

Me: Thank you for choosing [chicken place], what may I get you today?

Customer: I’ll have the 3 finger box combo.

Me: I’m sorry, was that the 3 finger, the box combo, or one of each?

Customer: Yea…

Me: I’m sorry, which one would you like?

Customer: The 3 finger box

Me: Ok, a 3 finger combo then? With what to drink?

Customer: Add a bread, and I don’t want no coleslaw.

Me: Sorry, the 3 finger doesn’t come with coleslaw.

Customer: Make it a box.

Me: Ok, I have a box combo, no slaw, extra toast, with what to drink?

Customer: Extra sauce.

Me: Sure thing, and how about your drink?

Customer: …………………..[soda].

(The real kicker, almost all the employees at our store are 1st and 2nd year engineering students at the University we are located adjacent to, and people treat us like we didn’t understand them.)