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Unfiltered | January 31, 2017

I go to an all-girl’s school, but after school there are swimming lessons that are available to anyone between the ages of 4 to 18, regardless of gender, so long as they pay for the lessons (as many schools have in my area). During these after school lessons, I have been told on MULTIPLE occasions to “wear a swim cap” because “my hair will clog up the filters”. While my hair was long; Okay, whatever. I get it.

However, after I CUT MY HAIR to donate it to be made into a wig, so that it was DEFINITELY shorter than my brother’s hair (He also went to the after-school swimming) I was *still* being told to wear a swimming cap, whilst my brother, and ALL OTHER BOYS (most of whom, my hair was shorter than) the school didn’t force them to wear swimming caps.

The school also doesn’t like girls wearing two-piece bathers when it’s a swimming session during PE, and you get a Uniform infringement/PBR (get 5 and you have a detention) if your bathers aren’t black one-piece without a note from your parents. And except that I’m on a half-scholarship, we would have complained to the HRC, but we didn’t want to stir anything up like that, because we don’t want to put the scholarship at risk.

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