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(Me and my friends have a group chat that’s filled with randomness and can be joined if you have the name and password, which everyone has. I decide to message one of the stories in the chat to my friend as they have yet to join.)

Me: apparently their mum was cleaning the room, but no one was allowed to go, no warning signs or tape.

Message: go away.

(This was unusable for me, since she wouldn’t say go away without adding a reason as to why, since she knows I have anxiety attacks)

Me: who is this?

Message: her boyfriend, go away, she can’t talk to you.

Me: why can’t she?

Message: she just can’t, I’m not letting her.

(At this point I think of the worst and screenshot these messages to the group chat in case something happens. One of my friends attempts to speak to her but is met with him pretending to be her)

Me: so you’re controlling what she does.

Message: no, she just can’t talk to you or anyone.

(he then sends a message of them both, which was just copied off of social media and then tries to “meet up” so he can prove she wants everyone to leave her alone. So I decide to just ignore him)

(About thirty minutes later, she joins the group chat and launches into a barrage of messages about how we are all evil and accusing us of trying to break them up)

Friend : that’s a lie, we all saw the screenshots of the conversation, he was only trying to tell you a story, not f*** you. (Sends screenshots)

Message: well, they’re obviously fake! He would never do that! (She then leaves the conversation and blocks everyone in the chat)

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