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(We’re in a small lab using computers. This is the second or third class this semester, and the teacher is going around to see how we’re doing)

Teacher: *Looking at the work of the student next to me* Ahh yes. Very well, Nick!

Student: …My name isn’t Nick.

Teacher: *Confused* Huh. *He turns to me* Are you Nick?

Me: No, I’m [name].

Teacher: *Addressing everyone* Which one of you is Nick?


Student: I don’t think there’s a Nick here.

Teacher: Strange, I could have sworn there was.

(It didn’t end there; he called people “Nick” several times during the semester, and had to be told there wasn’t a Nick every time. By the end of the semester, I think the only student who didn’t get called “Nick” was the only woman in our group.)

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