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Unfiltered | August 31, 2016

(It’s Memorial Day, and while making the schedules, my manager assumed it would be slow in the mid afternoon, and had me as the only cashier between 3 and 5. Around 4, a guest arrives at my register with several shirts on sale for half off. I begin to do her transaction.)

Me: Hi ma’am, how are you doing today? Find everything all right?

Guest: Yes, I did, thanks. All of this is half off.

Me: Yes ma’am. All of our college merchandise is on sale. Did you see the Gator rainboots we have back there? The last pair. I wish they would fit me, I’d have bought them ages ago.

Guest: Oh, yeah. They were pretty cute.

Me: (realizing that the last shirt is missing a tag) Uh-oh, looks like I’m missing a barcode here. Let me call retail up here so they can look for the code (I page retail, but no response. I call the retail manager’s office) Hey, I need a SKU. It the women’s gator shirt (I then quickly describe the shirt to my manager, who begins to look it up, with the promise she will call back with the code). Sorry maam, shouldn’t be too long. She just has to find a code for me to punch in.

Guest: Cant you just scan another shirt again and use that price?

Me: Unfortunately not maam. Without it’s code, I have no way to know the price. And even if I did scan a similarly priced item, our inventory would show that we had a shirt we no longer do, because we sent it home with you claiming you bought something else.

Guest: Well that’s ridiculous. It’s half off. What more information do you need?

(At this point, I have a fairly long line, and it grows continuously as this woman rants about how disorganized and unhelpful I am.)

Me: Ma’am, I’m very sorry about any inconvenience. Unfortunately, at this point, I can’t do anything until my manager calls back with code. If you wouldn’t mind waiting here, I have to move to the second register to help the next few guests. Ill be back as soon as she calls with the code.

(The woman snorts, and I move to a new register to try and bring the line down. In about five minutes, I go through about 3 transactions, throughout all of which I am yelled at for being the only cashier. Soon enough, my manager calls with the code, and I return to the original guest.)

Me: Ok, ma’am. Your total is xx.xx. once again, sorry about theb inconvenience.

(Thr guest throws her credit card at me, and is silent for the rest of the transaction, until…)

Guest: this is f****** ridiculous. F*** you. (Storms off).