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*In ASL we were doing an exercise where our professor goes from person to person asking if we were single or not. We would reply with if we were single, had a boy/girlfriend, were married or (in one classmate’s case as it was before gay marriage was legal in the state) had a partner. If we were in a relationship he would then ask for their names and most have common English names (Bill, James, Mary, ect.) and the conversations would go along this line*

Professor: “Single?”

Classmate: “No, boyfriend.”

Professor: “Boyfriend name?”

Classmate: *fingerspelling* “C-H-U-C-K”

Professor: “C-H-U-C-K. OK.” *turns to me* “Single?”

Me: “No, boyfriend.”

Professor: “Boyfriend name?”

Me: “S-O-P-H-E-A-K”

Professor: ……”OK”