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(My husband and I once had a set of rude neighbors, a man, wife, and their dog, who were all red headed. The humans were known to be snotty, rude, and just plain hateful to anyone not their friend. The dog would snap at anyone who wasn’t their owners, friend or foe. Since no one had ever been bitten, however, the apartment manager was reluctant to have them kicked out. For a couple of months, we didn’t see them, and we all assumed they had moved out. We had some friends coming over one day to watch movies, and one of them has a thick Texan accent that catches us off guard sometimes.)

Friend: *Stomping in the door* Ah, God, those ginger sh**s again!” (My husband and I both stop in the middle of what we’re doing to stare at him)

Me: “Wait, what did you say??”

Friend: “Those stupid ginger sh**s we thought were moving are out there. I guess they didn’t move at all.” *Hubby and I both burst into laughter* “What’s so funny about that?”

Hubby: “No, it isn’t that. We both thought you said you had the ginger sh**s again. We were going to ask what that was.”

Friend: “Would it matter? They would still burn your a**!”

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