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I was visiting my brother in a rehabilitation hospital after he had some spinal surgery, he was showing me around the hospital grounds.

Brother “Look over here, there’s even a garden area for the patients. All the beds are raised and there’s wide paths for the wheelchairs to get in.”

*He leads the way in his wheelchair. I notice that some of the beds are sign posted as private gardens and not to pick from them. while some beds have plants such as herbs that have signs that the plants are for everyone to share. I pick a couple of mint sprigs from one of these plants. There are some gardens that have more aggressive do not pick signs.

Me “Ooh I’m going to make some fresh mint tea when I get home”.

*We notice a man gardening in one of the beds and nearby his nurse is watching over him. My brother goes up to talk to the nurse.

Nurse “Did you want to have a garden?”

Brother “No I’m not going to be here too long but this is a great idea. I noticed some of the signs around, are they because of the home units nearby?”

Nurse “Oh yeah, sometimes we come out and find entire gardens have been cleared of all of the vegetables, they take every thing”.

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