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Unfiltered | February 4, 2017

I am in street with my female best friend,my male best friend and best friend’s girlfriend. the two girls had a particular humor

Male best friend check receipt.

Male best friend : shit, he forget to cancel bolognese sauce .

Me : oops, we return in magasin

Male best friend : but how we prove that we cancelled bolognese sauce ?.

Female best friend (Joking) : We prove nothing .We hit store manager.

girlfriend: (play along) with your uppercut ? (female best friend practise boxing) you doing nothing. [his male best friend] play base-ball, isn’t it . It’s a real weapon, this !.

Female best firned :yes, a base-ball hit, it’s better.

Me (at female best friend): and to think that you are a law graduate.

Male best friend : and [girlfriend), she works in social care !

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