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Unfiltered | February 27, 2016

(My mum is the principal of a small school. I am in my mum’s office, doing my own work, along with my best friend – who also works as a teacher here – and is using the photocopy machine. We both graduated from this school, from the same class, 3 years ago. My mum is also in the room, and I am just about to show my best friend a funny video. Suddenly, the door opens and our former classmate, who happens to be my cousin, pops his head in.)

Cousin: *in a very happy voice* Hey [my name], hey [best friend]! Are you guys going tonight?

(I glance at my best friend, who shrugs, and back at him. Neither of us knows what he’s talking about.)

Me: Going where?

Cousin: *still in a very amiable tone* Oh, didn’t you hear? [ex-classmate]’s dad just died. We just got the news.

Me: *in absolute shock* What?!

Cousin: *still with the happy tone* Yea, the wake is tonight. Are you going?

Me: Uhhh…

My mum: Not tonight, we have something on. But we can go tomorrow.

Cousin: *STILL very cheerfully* Oh, okay! I’ll text you the details. See ya, [my name]!

(He walks out and closes the door behind him, a huge smile on his face. There are a few seconds of stunned silence.)

Me: ….well, that was a s*** way of telling us someone passed away. What was he even DOING here?

(Needless to say, the mood in the office dropped dramatically after that. I still have no idea why my cousin was here, since he doesn’t ever come, and how he thought that was the best way to break the news to us.)

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