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(At our school there is a program for the girls where if you go to the PE office and ask for the red box, they will give you period supplies. The PE office is linked between the boy’s toilets and the girl’s toilets. I am playing truth or dare with my mixed-sex group of friends.)
Me: “(Male friend 1) Truth or dare?”
Male friend 1: “Dare.”
Me: “Go to the PE office and ask for the red box.”
(All the girls playing laugh.)
Male friend 1: “Ew no! I bet there’s condoms in there!”
Me: “No, it’s period stuff.”
Male friend 2: “What, like tampons? Ew I’m not touching them! They’re for up there!”
(Me and my female friends proceed to tell the boys that periods aren’t gross and are part of the life cycle.)

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