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I had a part time job at a fast food burger restaurant when I was 17 years old. I am short, at 4’6, and I have orange hair, and I get picked on a bit for my hair color. However, this one time at work, I think it got a bit across the line for me.

So, it was about 3:30pm and my coworker was on break when high school students flooded in to get some food for afternoon tea, like they casually do. However, I did have these guys I happened to recognize at my college.

I asked them whether there was anything I could help them with, and one of them put a smug grin on while the other two behind him snickered. They just asked me if they could have some ginger nuts, and then they started cracking up as if I had told them the funniest joke.

Inside, I felt mildly disturbed, but I just took it easy and told them that we served burgers here. But suddenly, in a quick move by surprise, one of them suddenly grabbed my shirt and started breathing heavily into my face. He then repeated the same thing except in a really grim voice, while the other two kept laughing. They caught some eyes from the other customers, but none of them said anything.

I then decided to be stupid, and say no again. He then suddenly punched my face and called me a short d****** virgin (which i still don’t understand today), while leaning aggressively over the counter as if he expected me to fight him back.

Tears were in my eyes from fright, because I had never actually had somebody physically bully me before, until one of the customers from the back, who was about 5’8 suddenly barked out forcefully to back off. Of course, they just laughed at him and continued aggressively attempting to swing at me.

In a quick move, he strides forward and grabs all three of them by the collar of their uniforms, and then uses this martial art technique which pinned one of them to the ground and tripped the other two over. He then said that they should pick on somebody else next time, and began to inform them that he was an undercover cop.

The other two tried to run away, but luckily my manager had come over because of all the noise, and blocked the door. All the customers both stared and cheered as this went on. The policeman then pulled cuffs from his pocket and cuffed the pinned student, while he barked at the others to follow him to the car, which they surprisingly did.

I still think about it today, and how I realize karma does exist on Earth. I quit my job after that incident happened, and went onto a new job of being a graphic designer. I was just surprised how they did that for no reason and that they seemed powerless when the undercover cop took over them.

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