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, | Unfiltered | April 4, 2020

I work in a small hole in the wall bakery and this happens way too often.

Customer: “Can I have this one please?” -points to case and taps the glass.-
Me: “Which one?”
Customer: “This one, with the chocolate.” -points and taps again-
(by the way, saying “the one with the chocolate” doesn’t help since we have half a selection of doughnuts with chocolate)
Me: “I’m sorry, which one?”
(I honestly cannot tell which one they are pointing at. After five minutes of me pointing to different doughnuts, I now know what they want and will go to grab the easiest one in reach. They will stop me)
Customer: “No, not that one, I want this one right up front because it looks better.”
Me: -eye twitches and struggles to get the one they want-
(This sadly happens about 5 times a day during my shifts and there are still worse things customers do.)

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