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(UK has a law, if they look under 25 you have to ID them- no matter what the age restricted product- you go off the age 25, and not the age you’re IDing them for)

Me: (selling the gent a console with an 18+ game) May I see your ID please?
Man: *surprised* I look under 25?
me: *chuckles* yes
man: *happily shows me his ID which is is Spanish, but It has a picture and something thats clearly his birthday. perfect for me*
me: thank you
girl who is with man: what the hell is that???
man: …it’s my Spanish ID….?
girl: why on earth do you have Spanish ID??? hahahha
man: ……because I’m Spanish you twat.
(there was another man with them both who spent the next 15 minutes laughing, but his name was foreign, his and his friends responses told me she’s known him long enough to at least inquire about his Spanish name.. or slight twang of foreign accent. Either way this whole conversation made my week)

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