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(I work as a security guard on third shift at a car part factory. I usually get a paper before work but I was running late the night before and couldn’t stop. I decided to pick one up the next morning instead. I’m leaving the gas station near my house with my paper when an older man approaches me in a slight panic. I’m still wearing my uniform, which while similar to a cop’s, is noticeably different)

Man: Hey, hey listen, my wallet’s been stolen, I need you to take down some information, okay?

Me: (interjects) Uh, sorry, but I’m not police, I’m a security guard.

Man: Oh it’s all the same thing, now take this down; the guy was-

Me: (Interrupts again) Sir, I’m really not police. I’m a night time security guard and I’m off duty now.

Man: Don’t you have a notebook or something? Take this down! It’s an emergency! All my personal stuff was in there!

Me: Sir, for the last time, I’m. Not. Police. If I were, I doubt my badge would be EMBROIDERED onto my uniform.

Man: If you don’t take this down, I’ll have you fired!

Me: (getting fed up) I don’t have to do anything for you! I work for (employment agency) I couldn’t do anything for you even if I wanted to!

Man: That’s it, I’m calling your supervisor! I’ll have your job for this, you brat!

Me: Go ahead, see if you can.

(I leave as he’s actually taking out his cell phone to call someone. One, it should be noted that all the police officers around here wear BLUE and no one is going to know who the rogue officer in BLACK is, and two, even if he DID call my agency, what the heck are they going to do about it? I wish I could’ve stuck around to find out)

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