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(Our store has a rewards card system.)

Me: “Good afternoon, do you have a rewards card?”

Customer: “Yes I do, but I don’t have my card with me.”

Me: “That’s Ok, just tell me your name.”

(She rattles of a long and complicated name. I check for it, but nothing pops up. I check by her phone number, but nothing either.)

Customer: “Surely you can find it??”

Me: “Ma’am, I’m sorry, but I couldn’t find your rewards number. Please stop by the customer service desk later and they’ll apply it.”

Customer: “OK!”

(I proceed to ring up her items and give her receipt. She walks away, looks at it, frowns, then turns back.)


Me: “Excuse me, ma’am. I just told you to ask the customer service desk. Remember that we couldn’t find it?”

Customer: *eyes twitching* “I-I remember that you said that you’ll find it! I went there and they said they couldn’t find it!”

Me: “Just go and they’ll find it and apply it.”

Customer: “But now I won’t have credit for my rewards! This company ALWAYS does this! This is allllll YOUR fault!”

(She rants, calling us all scammers and liars. I wonder how she expected me to apply her rewards card if she didn’t have it and if she was on drugs…)