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(I work at a popular fast food chain and we’ve recently redesigned how our menu looks and changed all our numbers so we have to be extra careful while taking orders now to make sure customers are ordering the new numbers for their items)

Customer: I want two number two sandwiches.

Me: Alright, two [sandwiches]?

Customer: Yes *looking up at the menu boards* I don’t see your fries, do you have fries?

Me: Yes ma’am *I point behind me where the fries are pictured* I’m sorry, we’ve recently changed our menu so our sides aren’t where they used to be.

Customer: *still squinting at the menu* But you don’t have fries anymore? I don’t see them.

Me: *I point again to the picture of fries on our menu* We do have fries ma’am, would you like a medium or a large?

Customer: I don’t see them, I’ll check back later. Just give me one number two sandwich.

Me: You only want one? *holding up one finger just to make sure*

Customer: Yes, one [sandwich]

Me: Alright ma’am, your total is $4.24

Customer: …. only $4.24? You must have made a mistake.

Me: One [sandwich], correct?

Customer: Yes.

Me: One [sandwich] is $4.24

Customer: I wanted two.

Me: *trying to keep my composure as a line is building* Okay, your total for two [sandwiches] is $8.48

Customer: Did you add the fry? *pointing to the fries on the menu* I wanted a fry too.

Me: Certainly, that’ll be –

Customer: Why don’t you have shakes anymore? They were so good.

Me: We do have shakes ma’am *gestures to the dessert menu* they’re listed right over there, would you like to add one to your order?

Customer: To go.

Me: *mental facepalm*