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, | Unfiltered | May 28, 2018

I moved to Florida from Iowa a little over a year ago and quickly got a job at somewhat popular bbq place. On a somewhat busy night i had to seat the door.

Me: Hi welcome to (restaurant’s name) how many tonight?

Woman 1: Three please

Woman 2: The third ones wondering around

Just then the third person, an elderly man walks up.

Man: yeah im from Iowa

Thinking hes acrually from Iowa i open my mouth to say I’m from Iowa as well when one the ladies speaks before me.

Woman 1: Yeah idiots out wondering around!

She starts grinning and chuckling to herself as soon as i release the joke i look at her with a grin myself.

Me: Um ma’am?

Woman 1: yes dear?

Me: I’m from Iowa.

Her eyes went so wide and she grabbed my arm and started to apologize like crazy. I kept twlling her it was fine and that it had actaul made me laugh. She made my day with her reaction. Before she left i told her i would try not to wonder around to much.

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