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I go to the vet’s office to pick up my three kittens, who were spayed and neutered that day. It is 5:30 in the evening. As is standard with procedures where they use anesthesia, I dropped off the kittens when the vet opened in the morning and didn’t expect to pick them up until later in the day. When I walk into the office, there is an older man and his wife waiting. They have already been helped, so I let the vet tech know that I am here for my kittens. When she goes to the back to get them, the man (in a very grumpy mood) starts talking to me.

Man: So, your cat has been all day here too?
Me: Yeah, they were getting fixed. I think that’s pretty common for it to be all day.
Man: My dog was here all day.
Me: Ummm…sorry about that. What was he here for?
Man: Teeth cleaning. And he’s been LOCKED IN A CRATE ALL DAY. They called at 3:30 to tell me he was just waking up. So that means he must’ve been done around 3. It’s unacceptable that he was LOCKED UP ALL DAY when I dropped him off THIS MORNING.
Me: Did they tell you he was locked up all day? I’m pretty sure they take dogs outside so they can go potty. That’s a bummer that it’s been so long; they might’ve had a life-or-death emergency happen today, and had to postpone your dog’s teeth cleaning to save an animal’s life.
Man: They didn’t say, but this is UNACCEPTABLE.
Man’s Wife: Honey, she doesn’t need to know this (me internally agreeing with her; I’m not getting paid to listen to him yell at me)
Man: I told you I’d take care of this!
Man’s Wife: Yes, dear, but there’s nothing she can do about it. She doesn’t work here.

The man blinks, and seems to suddenly realize that I’m not an employee, even though he knew I was there to pick up my kittens. He is quiet, and a few minutes later the vet tech brings my kittens out, allowing me to escape. I hope the poor vet tech didn’t suffer to much from his overreaction.

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