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(My friends and I are celebrating my youngest friend’s birthday at a bar/restaurant. Underage customers are allowed to be in the bar space but are of course not allowed to have any alcoholic drinks. The birthday girl has an underage brother that comes with the family.)
Waitress: What can I get y’all to drink?
Birthday Girl: I’m going to have a Blackberry Mojito.
Friend #2: Same here!
Me: Why not I’ll have the same thing too.
(We all hand over our IDs and she okays each one. She turns to the younger brother who though he is underage looks very mature and has a full beard.)
Waitress: And you sir?
Little Brother: I’ll take a Coke please.
Waitress: Well don’t you want like a REAL drink?
Little Brother: I’m only 18.
Waitress: *suddenly astonished* OH MY GOD I THOUGHT YOU WERE LIKE 25.
Little Brother: Yeah I get that a lot.
Waitress: Well then I can’t give you alcohol.
Little Brother: I know.
Waitress: I’m sorry.
Little Brother: *confused* I know…I just want a coke.
Waitress: But I can’t serve you alcohol.
Little Brother: I just want a Coca-Cola I don’t WANT any alcohol.
Waitress: *confused* You need to be 21.
Waitress: *Suddenly having a revelation* Oh my god I’m an idiot I am so sorry my brain is not working today! I’ll get you that Coke right away!
(We laughed it off and the Waitress comped a round of shots for us and her little brother’s Coke. We’ve been back a couple times since and she still remembers us!)

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