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(This story is gonna be hard to explain but I hope you guys can read it.)

I am part of a school based traineeship, where you get to work in a cafe but you also had to do theory.
During my time while doing the traineeship I had gotten sick, I had runny nose, coughing every 2 minutes and nausea. So I asked my mum if she could call the cafe for me.

My Mum: “Hi, this is such and such’s mum, she is ill and can’t come into work today because she doesn’t want to infect anyone today, is it okay if she stays home today?”

Cafe: “Yes she can stay home today, she can work next week.”

By next week I have gotten much sicker, now I couldn’t go into bright lighted areas, couldn’t eat, drink. I couldn’t get up because my back had decided to be a pain in the ***.
So I asked my mum to call the cafe again and explain.

My Mum: “Hi, this is such and such’s mum again, random name (not gonna use my own) symptoms have gotten worse, can she please have a week or two of work to recover?”

Cafe: “She was sick last week so she should be better now, she is probably lying just to get off work. Tell her that she doesn’t have to come into work anymore.”

I was told that straight after my mum got off the phone and I was devastated, a week had passed after that and again my symptoms had gotten worse. I got pissed off and asked my mum to take me to hospital, which we did but then we had to wait 5-6ish hours in emergency waiting room area.

My and my mum finally got to see a doctor, who told us that it was just the flu and to go home and take some medicine. My mum asked the doctor over and over to give me a check up which he finally gives up and gives me one, after saying that it’s just the flu and that he can’t help me.

I get told to lay on the bed and when he ask “how am I feeling” I threw up in front of him and he walked away, after that I got a much nicer dotor and very kind nurses, who actually proved that I didn’t have the flu but I had meningitis instead.

I had to stay in the hospital for nearly a whole month then I had to go to another hospital for a week just for surgery and recovery.

Since I am writing this down now, meaning I have fully recovered and am now fully healthy.

First doctor you were a a**hole, to the rest of the doctors and nurses you were so much nicer than him.

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