| Friendly | January 15, 2016

(I have the kind of friends who will mess around anywhere and everywhere at any chance they get. This occurs in the school bathrooms at lunch time.)

Me: *in the cubicle* “Guys, what the h*** are you doing?”

Friend #1 and Friend #2: *make shuffling noises and giggle*

(I realise then that Friend #1 is probably trying to unlock the door so I put my foot on the door to prevent them from pushing it. I then discover I am right as I see the lock moving.)

Me: “F*** off, [Friend #1]!”

Friend #1: *laughs*

(Friend #1 then proceeds to kick my bag, which was leant against the door, further into the cubicle.)

Me: “Seriously, [Friend #1], cut it out!”

Friend #1: “I was only pushing your bag in for you!”

(My friends then stopped messing about for a while and then I heard Friend #2 complaining.)

Me: “[Friend #2]? What’s [Friend #1] doing?”

(Suddenly I hear a loud bang as something lands on the window ledge above me.)

Me: *gasps in shock* “S***! What the f*** was that?!

(I then realise that Friend #1 had thrown Friend #2’s school planner, which is used to record homework and key dates, into the cubicle.)

Me: “You are so lucky that didn’t go into the toilet!”

Friend #2: *not hearing me properly* “It didn’t go into the toilet did it!?”

Me: *laughs* “No!”

Friend #2: *relieved* “Thank God!”

Friend #1: *laughs* “You guys…”

Me: “[Friend #1], you’re lucky that I’m in the toilet right now because that scared the s*** out of me!”


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