They Don’t Need No Education

| Friendly | December 13, 2015

(I’m sitting in the hallway, waiting for my class to start while watching Pink Floyd’s ‘The Wall’ on my laptop. Just as I get the ‘The Jury’ scene, a classmate greets me wearing a ‘Dark Side of the Moon’ T-shirt.)

Me: “Nice! Love the shirt. I’ve gotta admit I’ve never heard the Dark Side of the Moon album but I like a lot of Pink Floyd’s music.”

Classmate: “Yeah, they are the best. What’s your favorite song?”

Me: *thinking a little* “There’s a lot of them I like but if I was to say a favorite, it would have to be… probably Brick in the Wall.”

(At this he frowns and I assume it’s because we’re studying to be teachers that he disapproves of my choice.)

Classmate: “I said Pink Floyd, [My Name], not the f**king Beatles.”

Me: *super confused* “What?”

Classmate:Brick in the Wall was a Beatles song.”

Me: “No, it’s not. It’s Pink Floyd. It’s even in their movie, The Wall. The music isn’t even anything close to the Beatles.”

Classmate: “Listen, I’m a fan of Pink Floyd, so I’d know if it was one of their songs or not, and it’s not. It’s a Beatles song.”

Me: *at this point I skip in the movie to the Brick in the Wall scene and play it while pointing at the title* “Dude, I might not be a huge fan, but I know The Wall is Pink Floyd.”

Classmate: “You probably just mislabeled it.”

Me: “Give me that shirt. You’re not worthy of it.”

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