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The Situation Is In Hand

| Working | October 29, 2013

(I’m working a normal daytime shift with my coworker. As I take a box cutter to cut open a box to take in some inventory, it accidentally cuts my finger.)

Me: “Ouch! D***, let me go get a bandage and clean this up.”

Coworker: “You baby.”

Me: “What?”

Coworker: “You’re worried about a little cut like that? You’re such a baby.”

Me: “Well, I’d rather it not get infected. You know how many boxes this box cutter has cut? Better to be safe than be sorry.”

Coworker: “Whatever, you’re still such a baby.”

(I get it cleaned and treated in the bathroom. A few days later…)

Coworker: “Hey, do you mind if I cut open this box?”

Me: “Sure, go ahead.”

Coworker: “Ow! I cut myself!”

Me: “You wanna go get that cleaned?”

Coworker: “Nah, I’ll just use a paper towel.”

(True to his word, he dabbed a paper towel on it and didn’t even bother to wash it off. No surprise, it got infected.)

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