The Age Of Rampage

| Friendly | May 24, 2014

(I have recently made a friend who has a habit of saying ‘rampage’ after a sentence, be it his or another friend’s, as a joke. This happens when he, another friend, and I go out shopping. This was my first real time hanging out with him.)

Old Friend: “You read a lot of comics and manga. What would you suggest, since [New Friend] wants to start into it.”

Me: “Well, I like [Violent Manga Title]. It has one character who needs to keep a level of nicotine in his system or else he goes crazy and starts a rampage.”

New Friend: *picks up the title without hesitation*

Old Friend: “You said the one thing that got him interested.”

New Friend: “Rampage.”

(He purchases it. We then head to another store for my old friend to find new cell phone accessories, with no luck.)

New Friend: “So, why are you trying to get new accessories before you even have the new phone?”

Old Friend: “Because if I don’t then something will happen to it- like, it will break -and I will either be very sad or go on a rampage.” *looks to the new friend with an expectant look*

Me: *walking behind them* “Rampage.”

Old Friend: *whips around to look at me* “You two have been hanging out TOO MUCH!”

New Friend: “It’s just been today…”

Old Friend: “And THAT’S been too much!”

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