That’s Not The Signature Response

| Right | May 27, 2017

(I work as a cashier at a local retail store. While not often, every now and again the cash registers prompt employees to compare the signatures on credit cards to the customer’s driver’s license. An old lady in her 70s or 80s has finished her check out.)

Me: “All right, your total comes to [amount].”

(The customer proceeds to swipe her card. The cash register then prompts me to compare her signature.)

Me: “Oh, I’m going to have to check your driver’s licence to compare it to the signature on your credit card.”

Lady: *suddenly becoming very annoyed and suspicious* “What?!”

(I am stunned at her sudden change in behavior, having been extremely sweet during the beginning of the transaction, I politely inform her again.)

Me:  “The register is asking me to validate your card’s signature, to make sure it’s yours.”

Lady: *starts fuming and in an utterly irritated and offended tone says* “Young lady, I have used this card for over eight years and not ONCE has it ever asked me for my signature! You can keep these d*** things!”

(She stormed out of there, leaving her cart right at the register, leaving me completely baffled.)

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