Sorry, No German Here

| Learning | July 13, 2017

(I’m sent to the German office for some training. Having wanted to learn another language I figure this will be a good opportunity to learn as I will be surrounded by people speaking native German. I turn up and am taken to their office. To my surprise, everyone speaks excellent English and speaks it most of the time to include me. We get in the car and again mostly English songs. I think my luck is in when they take me to a restaurant in the middle of nowhere, however all the staff speak English as well. Not knowing much words, I don’t speak out, but I mention my surprise to one of my German counterparts.)

Me: “I’m surprised how well everyone seems to speak English.”

Worker: “Yes, not everyone does, but we think it important to learn another language.”

Me: “I have to admit my language skills aren’t very good. I know only a few German words.”

Worker: “Like what?”

Me: “Like, Es tut mir Leid.” *I’m sorry*

Worker: “Oh, no one says that.”

Me: “What do you use?”

Worker: “We all say ‘sorry.'”

(All my efforts ultimately ended up meaning nothing, but I did have a lot of fun whilst I was there.)

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