Something Has Gone A-Rye

| Working | July 17, 2013

(I frequent a sandwich shop often. Many of the employees know who I am, and what I usually order. This time, however, at the front is a younger looking teenager, and not even wearing the uniform. I walk up to him to place my order.)

Me: “Hi! May I please have a six inch tuna sandwich on wheat bread, please?”

Young Employee: *confused* “What kind of wheat bread?”

Me: “Um… wheat?”

Young Employee: “But what kind?”

(I notice a regular employee coming out to the front who knows who I am. She smiles at me, but notices my puzzled look, so she comes to help.)

Me: “There’s only one kind of wheat bread, right?”

Regular Employee: “Yeah.”

Young Employee: “Oh, wheat! Most people mean white when they order wheat.”

Me: “No… I meant wheat.”

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